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SA Teachers

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If you are a teacher in South Africa, please add yourself to this page under the relevant subject. If you teach more than one subject, add yourself in more than one place ;-) Also, please put the grades that you teach in brackets behind your name + your blog/school url


Afrikaans First Additional Language


Riette Roos (gr 9 - 12)


Educational technology/ CAT/IT/e-learning


maggiev  (Gr 10-12 , Tersiery) www.school2.co.za

WilnaSmith (Gr. 8 - 12)




maggiev  (Gr 10-12 , Tersiery) www.school2.co.za



Mathematical literacy


maggiev  (Gr 10-12 , Tersiery) www.mathsliteracy.co.za


School Leadership 


Arthur Preston - Headmaster; Lanner House School - twitter.com/artprestonhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurpreston 

     Blog : HeadThoughts (www.headthoughts.co.za)


Teachers' Professional Development  


Ariellah  sharing my experience working in education in South Africa in my bloghttp://ariellah.wordpress.com/





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