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Technology for change

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Technology for Change


Password: "twitter"


** Note A google Group was created, This will make discussions much easier. Join the Group at http://groups.google.com/group/technologyforchange


This wiki was created for us to collectively brainstorm ideas on how to use technology for change and to actually take action. Add your name and ideas to the list below.



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United for Africa - Google Mashup of the attacks

Afrigator Xenophobia Page - Read what bloggers all over Africa have to say about the Xenophobia crisis

Online Petition


Add your name to the list below:



Add your ideas below:


  • Community Policing Forums networking online - with real time link-ups to police representatives.
  • Maps mashups for crime
  • Micro-Lending for entrepnuers
  • Training Programmes
  • A mentorship programme for students
  • Public Accountability Forums/Websites which hold Government Accountable
  • Fund Raising Drive to purchase 100(1000?) OPLC LAPTOPS to distribute in SA
  • Web based positive content portal/bloggin platform which then feeds a weekly low cost printed publication - Getting the country to talk to each other about how to make positive change. Think Big issue style as well as the opposite of Daily Voice & other tabloids whcih are ruining our country's value system. www.one-project.org


Join the GOOGLE GROUP that was created for this as it will be easier to discuss projects http://groups.google.com/group/technologyforchange


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